1778 "Indian Country"

1779 Sullivan Campaign

1792  Cayuga Reservation and Finger Lakes Military tracts laid out

1795 Military Tracts established on former Cayuga Nation Reservation

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New York Military Tract.

1807 Canoga Reservation was surveyed into four lots by the Hon. Joseph Annin.  
Just over 631 acres went to Wilhelmus Mynderse, Michael Vreeland, William B. Hall,
and Daniel Blackney.

1811 William Chattim comes into possession of military lot 26

1815 William Chattim purchases 21.4 acres of the former Canoga Reservation from
Michael Vreeland

1837 James Burtleys (spelling?  needs further research) purchases farm

1863 George Bockoven wins lawsuit over mortgage, purchases foreclosed farm in
public sale by sheriff, gaining ownership.

1867 Bockoven sells farm to Baxter Chatham, who was aided financially by Samuel

1890 Samuel Cosad and son Myron H. Cosad eventually purchase entire farm by

1923 Myron H. Cosad dies.

1930 Seneca County acquires right of way to improve old Indian trail turned farm
road into Canoga-Halsey Corners County Highway for $75.00 plus $50.00
compensation for fencing.

1934 Seneca County acquires a conveyance through quit claim of .85 acres for
Canoga-Halsey Corners County Highway

1935 Myron Cosad Jr., having resided on the farm since birth, becomes the legal
owner of the farm.

1961 New York State completes the conversion of Canoga-Halsey Corners County
Highway to
New York State Route 89.

1965 Myron Cosad Jr passes the farm on to his sons Dudley and Willis Cosad in his

1973 Dudley Cosad deeds his portion of the farm to Willis, making Willis sole owner.

June 2002 - Tidball family purchases the Cosad farm

August 2002 Tidball family rehabs poultry barn and acquires 4 laying hens and a

Jan 2003 Tidball family rehabs "hog barn" and purchases first six sheep

Aug 2003- Tidball family purchases first cattle (dairy steers)

2004 Main barn is converted from dairy to horse stalls and cattle  

Tidball family enters lake shore field into conservation easement Wetland
Reserve Program.
Canoga Creek Farm History