4. ...Opening box #2.
1. A March family outing to inspect, clean out,
and prepare our Wood Duck boxes.
3.  Keith prepares to inspect box #2.
6.  The owl flew to box #3, where it peeked
out at us as we approached.
5.  You can see the owl's head!
2. A Screech Owl flew out of this box, and
directly into box #2, a few hundred meters
8. The owl has had enough...off to an old Oak
tree further into the gully.
7.  How is the owl holding itself up in that
long box?  What is it standing on?
9.  The owl was standing on this squirrel's
nest in box #3.  The nest had three baby
squirrels in  it.
We inspected and cleaned three Wood Duck boxes that are in our gully, along Yellow Creek,
a tributary of Canoga Creek.  None of the boxes showed evidence of occupation or nesting
by Wood Ducks.  Our guess is that we need to place more Wood Duck boxes nearer to
Canoga Creek and draw the birds into our gully from there.

On this same day, we installed two additional Wood Duck Boxes in the Canoga Marsh
section of the farm, at the North end of the marsh.   We plan to install two additional boxes at
the south end of the Marsh where our farm borders the Canoga Creek Wildlife Management
2006 Wood Duck Box